Quick Instruction For How To Sign Into Multiple Gmail Accounts On Android

Carrying two email account is not a crime but you may end up feeling so, if you have tried everything to access both of your account simultaneously and it did not work. Yes, browser does not allow to login two different accounts in chorus until required changes are made.

So, if you have two or more than two accounts on Gmail and you want to know how to sign into multiple Gmail accounts on android then here is the help for you.

Gmail Login in Andriod

Access Multiple Gmail Account On Android Phone Simultaneously

The instruction to add another Gmail account in android phone works with 4.4.2 and 4.0.4are as follows

Open phone menu on which another Gmail account need to be accesses.

Go to setting and then to “accounts” option

Because we are adding another Gmail account in device and it is the product of Google. Thus select “Google” from various options shared there

Two options will appear on screen “Existing” and “New”. “Existing” option will add new account existing account while “New” option will get all new Google account in your android device.

Sing-in to account using second email address and password.

Remember if you have active two-step verification then you will be allowed to sing-in with code.

Now a new Google account is created on your phone.

In the next step you have to select which application data of Google you want to synch with.

Because here we are synching another Gmail accounts, thus tick mark on “Gmail” check box.

If you want to synch “calendar”, “contact” etc. then you can select that too.

Sign into google account

The additional account is now created. Now, when you will click on Gmail application two accounts will open,one that was existing and other that you created now.

With this process you can add more than one account in android device. After adding account, use setting option of phone to make email access more conveniently.

However, if you find the instruction tough to be followed then you can call to customer support number for Gmail problem and ask them how to sign into multiple Gmail accounts on android. They will share same guideline but will help you to do it with ease.

The helpline number that will help you to connect with Gmail customer center is shared on webpage for your convenience.